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Exam Registration

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Below is a menu of tests available for online scheduling.  The OSU Testing Center does not collect any test/exam proctoring fees ahead of time online so examinees will have access to multiple payment options.  This system is for online REGISTRATION ONLY, so the registration screens will always display an amount of $0.00 in your CART.  Any required test/exam fees will be collected at the OSU Testing Center during check-in.  Click the link to the right for more information on required exam fees.  For information on tests not listed, call 405-744-5958. 

  • To cancel a previously scheduled appointment that is MORE than 24 hours in the future, click the My History button at the top right.  Enter the email address under which you scheduled the appointment to receive an email containing a link to view your appointments.  Appointments more than 24 hours in the future will have a Cancel link.  Confirm the cancellation by clicking the Yes, cancel my registration button.
  • To cancel a previously scheduled appointment that is LESS than 24 hours in the future, call 405-744-5958.  All cancellation requests MUST be made by 5PM the day the appointment is scheduled.