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Utah State University - Career Services Testing Location

How to find us:  We are located in University Inn 115, on the Logan USU campus.  Ours is the building directly east of the Taggart Student Center.  Parking is available (at $1.50/hour) directly north of the Taggart Student Center in the Big Blue Terrace.  All three of these buildings can be located on this searchable map of the USU campus:  http://www.usu.edu/map/ 
We recommend that you do not enter our “University Inn 115” address into a GPS search, as this generally does not give viable directions to our building, and you will likely end up in a completely different part of Logan.  We don’t have an assigned street address (as we are located in the middle of a block), but the Big Blue Terrace parking lot is accessed off 700 North at approximately 870 East in Logan.