Exam Day Rules/Policy

Thank you for registering for your exam with us, we are glad you are testing with us and are excited to assist you toward your completion goals! If parking your car during examination, be sure to park where you see signs indicating "Student Parking." Here are some notes for you to prepare for your arrival on your day/time to test, please read thoroughly:


  • A valid photo ID (a government issued photo ID is required for CLEP tests), and/or Student ID with photo
  • Instructor approval is required for any notes, textbook, and/or calculator during testing. If you are using a calculator, our proctors will inspect it to meet standards/requirements
  • Know or bring your log-in/password information for sites required to access your exam (i.e. D2L, MyMathLab, Chemweb, etc).
  • Respect: silence is golden, please be quiet and respectful of other testers
  • All items in your pockets, valuables, etc. must be locked in our provided lockers. The locker key we provide you must be placed on the table next to you so that it remains visible to the proctor(s)


  • Cell phones, smart watches, and/or any other electronic device that has any wired/wireless communication/storage ability (rare: unless otherwise approved). These items should not be brought with you and should be left in your vehicle before entering the building. If you do bring these sorts of items with you, our proctors will require you to lock them up in our lockers before entering the testing area and taking your exam
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the testing area
  • Coats, stocking caps, baseball caps, hats, scarves. Note: hooded sweatshirts are allowed if worn in a way in which it is not up over your head; you are expected to leave the hood down at all times during examination as well. Expect that you will need to show that nothing is in your pockets. Any religious attire (i.e. Hijabs, etc.) and/or medical device(s)/attire is acceptable; however, these items will be inspected prior to examination period. Sunglasses are not allowed (rare: unless otherwise approved)
  • Pets/Animals are not allowed in the testing area unless indicated as a Service Animal that has been certified by an SDBOR ADA Compliance Officer as being acceptable on site and in the testing space
  • Only the tester is allowed in the testing area, no other visitors are allowed
  • Bathroom breaks during examination are not allowed, be sure to visit the restroom prior to testing. Leaving the examination area while your exam is in process may forfeit your exam and results and could impact your course completion/grade


  • We will provide you with scratch paper if needed and writing utensils.
  • If desired, we will provide you with ear plugs

If you have any questions etc., please contact us via the information below:

Proctor Site: Testing Center at University Center | Hours of Operation
Address: 4801 N Career Ave Sioux Falls SD 57107
Phone: 605-274-9550 | Fax: 605-367-5643
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