Exam Registration

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If there are no seats available for the exam requested try searching for additional locations such as the UHD Northwest campus or UHD Academic Bldg. If these options or ProctorU.com are not a reasonable option for the test taker please contact our office at 713-221-8027 or by e-mail at uhdtesting@uhd.edu. If we are unavailable please leave us a message and we will respond to your call within 24-hours. 

In order to reschedule an exam select My History located at the top right of this page. If you need help rescheduling select the tab on the right "How to Reschedule." You will receive an email with a link to assist you with rescheduling.

If you have questions or concerns email us at uhdtesting@uhd.edu. We will respond to emails in the order they are received within 24-hours.